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Current tourism demand trends show that environmental quality in resorts and lodging properties is a key factor when choosing a destination. EcoWorldHotel is the first Group of environmentally-friendly hotels and bed and breakfasts in Italy to adopt a unique and innovative philosophy in a new project aimed at safeguarding the environment.

The concept for the project was developed two years ago by particularly eco-friendly hoteliers. Thanks to their experience over the years, they are fully aware of hotel management requirements and issues. It is easy to forget that even hotels cause pollution.

At EcoWorldHotel we would like to do our part in helping to safeguard the environment — which is now a pressing global issue — by providing a real and innovative solution. We encourage and support individual lodging properties in their commitment to safeguarding the environment.

The hotels in our Group are actually able to adopt measures that save resources. EcoWorldHotel also facilitates the use of low environmental-impact technologies and energy from renewable sources. All the lodging properties in our Group have been carefully selected based on specific parameters. Through its network of qualified inspectors, EcoWorldHotel verifies properties to ensure that all requirements are met in order for properties to become part of the Group. In addition, properties are awarded the EcoWorldHotel Environmental Quality Mark for their commitment to safeguarding the environment.

Therefore, when you stay at an EcoWorldHotel, you are making a responsible lifestyle choice in safeguarding the environment, even while you are on holiday. Among the wide variety of hotels in the EcoWorldHotel Group, you can choose between different cities and locations in which to spend your stay/holiday in a more environmentally-friendly way, yet without having to give up your comforts.

Choosing environmentally-friendly hotels does not necessarily mean having to adapt to spartan accommodation. In actual fact, you will find that the environmental quality will make your stay even more safe, comfortable and relaxing.



Hotel Alpina
Via degli Sfulmini 5 Madonna di Campiglio (TN), Italia 38086
Phone: +39 0465 441075