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Quality System

Family Aldrighetti , always take care to the values ​​of hospitality, has translated its corporate mission in the motto “feel at home away from home .”

The goal that the direction has been given is to finalize the efforts of all personnel attention to the needs of customers and a strong orientation to the solution of their problems and their satisfaction .

Management believes require a high level of responsibility on the part of all its employees to ensure the rigor of their actions with the utmost attention to three factors mentioned above.

The objective should be pursued with :

compliance with laws and regulations;
operational efficiency and environmental processes ;
prevention of non-compliance, instead of deleting after;
vision -oriented guests , their needs , considering the core of its quality policy

For all that the Directorate is committed to taking an active role in promoting and guiding all activities affecting quality , safety and health of workers and the impact that the company can generate on the environment that surrounds it.

The management thus assumes responsibility for:

Establish and enforce procedures
Use human resources and external services are adequate and properly informed and trained to the “system Hotel Alpina ”
Spread the quality policy both internally and externally in the collaborations and partnerships that in turn will activate .

The friendly atmosphere that characterizes the management of the company is and remains the basis for the Hotel Alpina make the guest feel at home while being away from home.

The Quality Manager
Cristina Aldrighetti

The Direction
Fausto Aldrighetti



Hotel Alpina
Via degli Sfulmini 5 Madonna di Campiglio (TN), Italia 38086
Phone: +39 0465 441075