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An opportunity to visit the Natural Park Adamello Brenta

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What you can do

Here is what you could do to help us

Our guests, actually we can say you, can give their fundamental contribution to help us respect more the environment, develop and correctly exploit it as well as introduce it to your friends and relatives who so far have never visited it.

Here is an example of what you could do to help us:

  • if you go for mountain hikes or skiing, please bring back to the valley your garbage and throw it into our caster-equipped containers where you can collect it separately, so you will help keep the environment cleaner;
  • if you have rubbish that in our hotel is collected separately, such as: batteries, glass, paper, tins, plastic, please do not throw them into the basket in the bathroom but leave them on the desk in your room, so that our employees can collect them when they tidy up the room. As an alternative, you can find a collecting bin for exhausted batteries in the reception and the containers for separate collection of rubbish in a corridor just outside the Hotel, to the right of the entrance; or in every floor at the end of the corridor a colored egg;
  • when you wish a towel to be replaced please leave it on the shower platform so that our employees can change it with a clean one; if you wish to use it again, then leave it on the specially provided support, you will help us use less water and detergents which pollute rivers, lakes and water-bearing strata;
  • when you go out of the room, please turn all the lights off, so that you will help us waste less electricity and consequently polluting less for its production;
  • if you want to get information on our territory, we are completely at your disposal in order to provide information, maps, explanatory material. Besides we have a library containing innumerable books dedicated to the mountains, to the Adamello Brenta National Park, to the animals  and flours of our area;
  • try our gastronomic specialities, our cheese-based dish made up exclusively of cheeses of Trentino; taste one of the wines of our land, you will know better the tastes of Trentino;
  • in the shops of Madonna di Campiglio and in the Park area you will find a wide range of typical products you can take back home for you or as a gift for your relatives and friends, it can be one more occasion to suggest them to spend a holiday at Madonna di Campiglio;
  • at your arrival a liflet about the Trentiono’s tastes has been given to you , we invite you to buy the products of our territory and taste them in order to enhance the producers;
  • We inform you that the heating system in the rooms is regulated on 19° C. If you want the room warmer or colder please ask the reception and we will provide for your comfort avoiding useless wastes;
  • In every bathroom are installed reduction gears of flow to avoid wasting water, further to be an economic choice is tied to safeguard the environment and one of the most important element: the water.

The territory surrounding us is excellent, beautiful but delicate and must be treated with respect, both in winter and in summer.

We invite you to know, explore and “exploit” it, but we also ask you to help us preserve it for our children and the generations to come.



Hotel Alpina
Via degli Sfulmini 5 Madonna di Campiglio (TN), Italia 38086
Phone: +39 0465 441075