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Our activities

What are our activities with regard to the Brand?

The main activities carried out by the Alpina Hotel in favour of the environmental protection and development are:

  • Separate collection of the following rubbish: wet, organic, tins and pots, paper cardboard, glass, batteries, toners and printer cartridges, electric bulbs and neon lamps, plastic, medicines past their expiry date;
  • The use of low-consumption lamps in many parts of the hotel such as the reception, rooms, night lights of stairways and corridors;
  • A careful management of the energetic sources and a good insulation of the building, which allow to reduce to a minimum the emissions in the atmosphere of unburnt gases, as well as a meticulous maintenance of the burners generating heat;
  • The scrupulous observation of the regulations for draining of sewage;
  • The use of recycled paper for the hotel correspondence, the employment of paper products with the European “Ecolabel” brand, such as table napkins, toilet paper and drier napkins in the toilets;
  • Use of plastic glasses in special ecological material “materBi”;
  • The use of cleaning products with a low content of surface-active agents, some of which bear the “Ecolabel” brand;
  • The replacement of towels only when requested by our guests, in order to avoid useless waste of water and detergents;
  • The training of our employees for a careful use of the energetic and water resources available, as well as a scrupulous management of cleaning and waste disposal;
  • A careful analysis of the electric consumption, fuel and water in order to understand how to optimize their use;
  • The development of local products such as salami and cold pork meats, cheeses, wines, typical dishes of the cooking of Trentino;
  • The development of our territory through the hotel library which places at your disposal tens of volumes to know and better appreciate our valleys, local history and natural beauties;
  • The organization of activities held in summertime in cooperation with the National Park, for the discovery of our walk routes allowing a better knowledge of still intact wildlife;
  • The cooperation with the Alpine Guides of Madonna di  Campiglio to discover the territory. During the summer 3 walks free weekly and during the winter a walk with snow shoes (ciaspole);
  • The free offering of mountain bikes in summer, for hikes on the available routes;
  • Rucksacks at your disposal;
  • The cooperation with the Association “Quality Park” in order to participate at the activities organized for the guests.



Hotel Alpina
Via degli Sfulmini 5 Madonna di Campiglio (TN), Italia 38086
Phone: +39 0465 441075