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Food traceability

The European laws prescribe the obligation of “traceability” of food from the first producer, the company that manufactures them , sells or works , to the end user .

The rules governing this obligation are headed to the EC Regulation no. 178 of 2002.

We pay particular attention to these obligations , with regard to our role in the ” food chain ” and we have implemented for years in our overall management control system according to international standards HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points ) , acquiring a specific manual which analyzes the critical points in the receipt , storage and processing of food , defines best practices in their manufacture, regulates the cycles of cleaning and maintenance of premises and equipment used in their production and distribution.

The labels of which fresh foods are provided are stored as a precaution in order to trace , in case of need , any game used in the packaging of food.
We purchase raw food only from suppliers who have passed a test on our part regarding the compliance to HACCP and traceability of their processes of acquisition , storage and transportation of food.

The phase of delivery is handled carefully checking the integrity of the packaging , the expiration dates of the food received, the temperatures of fresh and frozen foods , the presence of the labeling required by law on the packaging of meat, fish and frozen food (such as the directions on the manufacturer , the expiry date , batch ) .
Any faults detected during delivery are recorded in special forms and non-conforming goods shall be made immediately to the company or segregated waiting for replacement.
The solution of the problem, once occurred , is regularly recorded.

Storage takes place within a few minutes after delivery and in any event in sufficient time to avoid undue heating of the goods fresh or frozen; storage takes place in cells fridge or freezer in the cellar , by reason of the storage temperature of the single food . The temperatures of all the refrigerators are periodically checked to ensure the correct storage of food .

The use of food takes place in strict deadlines and stocks are extremely limited in quantity and time; in fact require weekly supplies so as to minimize the inventory of foods , especially those perishable .

The HACCP Manager – Cristina Aldrighetti

The Direction – Fausto Aldrighetti



Hotel Alpina
Via degli Sfulmini 5 Madonna di Campiglio (TN), Italia 38086
Phone: +39 0465 441075