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News Winter 2015

News Winter 2015 – Lake Montagnoli

The big news of the ski season 2015 is the Montagnoli lake, reservoir storage of water for snowmaking, made Spinale area, in “Pian dela Zedola”, just below the refuge Montagnoli.

The perimeter of the basin has a non-uniform pattern so as to ensure the work an appearance integrated with the existing morphology. The sides of the basin have been realized with different slopes from 1: 4 to 1: 8, with the purpose of avoiding the installation of fixed fences (enclosure) that may be replaced with a fence boundary wood in correspondence of the sides more pendants.

The basin together with existing storage will have available from the start the season the amount estimated water (200,000 cubic meters) for the first snow of all the runs (160 hectares); this means that even in the absence of natural snow, and with at least 10/15 days of appropriate temperatures, at Christmas all our tracks will be perfectly accessible.

Technical features of Lake Montagnoli:
maximum volume invaded 192,000 mc
altitude of 1776 m above sea level maximum adjustment
share of the bottom 1764 m sml
maximum height of 12 m
surface to the free surface 1776 m 3.60 has
length 340 m
width 120 m

The photographs of the basin are available at this link (copy and paste into your browser)



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